Real-estate Management system


Streamline the operations of your Real Estate and Construction Agency with DataValue.
This comprehensive platform empowers you to handle everything from sales and realtor management to brokerage and property administration. Manage projects, issue invoices, and seamlessly track clients' payments and rental income. Keep meticulous records of company expenses, lead a commission-based team of sales agents and realtors, maintain regular client communication, schedule appointments, and efficiently assign clients to a dedicated member of your realtor team.

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Property Details Management

● Enables businesses to input and store comprehensive information about each property, including specifications, amenities, location, and more.
● Allows users to upload images of the property, providing potential buyers or tenants with a visual representation.
● Provides a platform for businesses to specify the price or rental rate for each listed property.
● Enables businesses to keep track of the status of their properties, indicating whether they are available, under contract, or sold/leased.

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Effortlessly Add and Organize Property Owners' Information

Managing property owners' information has never been this seamless. Our Property Management System (PMS) empowers you to effortlessly add and organize crucial details about property owners, ensuring smooth communication and transparent relationships. Here's how:
1. Intuitive Owner Profile Creation: Easily create comprehensive profiles for each property owner with just a few clicks. Input essential information such as name, contact details, ownership percentage, and any specific preferences they may have.
2. Ownership Documentation Management: Upload and store important documents related to property ownership

Tenant Management Excellence

Effortlessly handle tenant onboarding, lease renewals, and communication.
Track rent payments, maintenance requests, and ensure compliance with lease agreements.

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Contracts and Payment Plans

Contracts and Payment Plans

● Contract Creation and Customization:

Enables property managers to create, customize, and manage various types of contracts, including lease agreements, vendor contracts, and service agreements.

● Customizable Payment Schedules:

Allows property managers to set up customized payment plans for tenants, vendors, or other parties involved.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Access detailed financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow summaries.
Analyze property-level performance and make data-driven decisions for optimal ROI.

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