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Implementing ERP software often catches businesses off guard. Most businesses underestimate the effort required for the implementation of the chosen ERP solution. If the software is not correctly implemented, the business will not realize a return on investment from the new enterprise software system.

The path to a successful implementation includes many variables that need to be considered before establishing the solution within the day-to-day business operations flow. Let us go through some important questions and answers as an FAQ for those who want to discover more about optimal ERPNext implementation practices.

The subscription value of any of the packages available to us all includes the value of hosting, backup, securing data storage, and technical support services provided through our team and according to what the packages contain.

After subscribing to any of the packages available to us, we will make sure to receive the amount allocated to the package, and then send you the contract formula for signature, and then we configure the servers and storage space that will be allocated to you and then send the system link, username, and password of the users of the system.

You can use the system through the link dedicated to you using the username and password that we will issue to you, and then you can start watching the explanation videos and receive the training available according to the chosen package and then start using the system with ease.

You can follow the optimal method that we always advise our customers, which starts with the stage of preparation of the system, then the stage of operations, and then the stage of reports, at each of those stages we will support you and support you technically and technically through our team.

Surely you can pay through Visa or a payment method available and easy for you, and it is possible to contact us to send our representative for you to collect EGP 25 cash collection service.

Traditional systems need internal servers to maintain order on them in addition to a lot of expensive technical tools, especially if the facility has branches far apart, which costs the company high costs to link these branches, while web-based programs are programs hosted on the Internet that can be accessed from anywhere provided that there is a computer and the Internet only.

We have large servers that ensure the protection of your data and periodic backup, and you can also keep the backup of databases from your side. Concerning the confidentiality of data, this is guaranteed by the contract that will be between us in the event of subscribing to any of the available packages.

Surely you can contact us to request a field visit to your headquarters, and then we will send a value bill for the visit to collect the value of the visit or collect it when you visit.

You need a computer with very normal specifications, a tablet or a mobile, and the Internet at an acceptable speed only.

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